Different mountains and rivers, the same wind and moon, we need to work together at hard times for the global to fight the epidemic

In recent days, the whole of China has made concerted efforts to fight against the new pneumonia epidemic of COVID-19. 

From the state of emergency in China to the current state of global alert, we need to work together at hard times for the global to fight the epidemic.


When the epidemic spread in China, Gangzhong, which is a window of foreign trade, saw in the eyes,and worried in the heart. 

The company uses its own advantages at the first time to contact overseas customers to provide supplies and purchase medical masks through various channels such as contacting domestic manufacturers and entrusting friends. At the same time, the company launched an activity to overseas customers, that is, donated masks for the epidemic area in his name as long as the customer placed an order. Customers from different countries actively participated after hearing this activity. 

Eventually, more than 50 customers from 24 countries have ordered more than 20,000 tons of goods, and 20,000 masks have also been donated to the front line at the first time to provide material support for "beautiful retrogrades" who are struggling in the front line of the epidemic. Love without borders. This is the best interpretation of international friends.



If you help me, I will certainly help you. When the epidemic in China was relatively moderate, large-scale outbreaks began in foreign countries, so the current medical supplies are even more needed globally. 

All employees in Gangzhong are also concerned about foreign customers. Not only did they email or call every day to monitor the epidemic situation in the customer's country and share some effective domestic preventive measures, but also the company prepared 20,000 medical masks at the first time for customers who place orders to mail a free mask from China to express their gratitude and condolences. 

At present, 16,000 medical masks have been presented to customers. Great love is boundless. This is the most appropriate expression of win-win cooperation.



The epidemic of COVID-19 always affects the hearts of the people of the world. 

In the critical period, the charitable donations of the caring company are like the sunshine of these days warming this special winter. 

Different mountains and rivers, the same wind and moon. Now that we are on the same front, we have to stretch out our hands together to defend. We firmly believe that powerful hands from all over the world will surely succeed in this battle.


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