The 2023 expansion training and the mid-month kick-off meeting of the September War concluded successfully

In the crisp autumn weather of September, the expansion training of SINO Building Materials Group officially started! SINO BUILIDING Materials Group people who are full of vigor and vitality participated in this development training, which lasted for one and a half days. We hope that through the development training, the newcomers can integrate as soon as possible, the new and old people will understand each other, enhance team cohesion, and establish a team that cooperates and supports each other. spirit and collective consciousness.


After arriving at the expansion venue, the coach led all the members to divide them into multiple teams, and quickly completed the tasks of selecting captains, team names, and slogans, and started subsequent challenges and competitions. Afterwards, each group performed a team display respectively, and everyone was in high spirits and looked heroic.


Check in and take photos at designated task points, complete the prescribed actions, and finally calculate the final score based on the time it takes for all members to reach the finish line. During the hiking process, there are people in a team who are leading and people who are temporarily lagging behind. At this time, a team leader is needed to continuously Motivate and encourage, boost morale, always maintain high morale, rely on opponents for growth, and rely on teammates for success.

The Seven Heroes of the Warring States Period: Glory of the King

The so-called true knowledge comes from actual combat. Instead of talking about it on paper, it is better for students to integrate into the scene and experience the charm of decision-making. The Seven Heroes of the Warring States Period sandbox course allows everyone to realize the importance of strategic decision-making, teamwork, communication and coordination through 7 groups simulating the Seven Heroes of the Warring States Period. At the same time, an alliance link is also set up, in which Hong Kong people can experience games, negotiations, competition and collaboration with other countries.


Whether they are a team or an individual, they have shown the sales team's fighting spirit to achieve their mission and strive for honor. I believe they will be able to achieve their goals and deliver a satisfactory answer in the next September war!


The "beach landing" kicked off the next day

Teamwork, passing, relay, and slogans may seem like simple games, but if you want to complete them quickly, you need teamwork to maintain team frequency and consistent goals. The team members worked closely together to complete the "landing" plan from the "mud". Only speed without layout will lead to chaos. Effective reorganization of resources will maximize benefits.


Test and break through yourself - the infinite challenge of rock climbing

It is an outdoor extreme sport that integrates fitness, entertainment and competition. Company people are eager to try it. During the climbing process, they must make full use of their physical strength, wisdom, strength and courage to overcome various difficulties and reach the top. This is just like our Company people have always been looking for upward power, and they always encounter various difficulties and obstacles in the process of achieving their goals. As long as they have a sense of faith and a sense of purpose, they will surely reach the peak of their dreams.



"Youth is like the early spring, like the rising sun, like the budding flowers.

Just like a sharp blade is newly developed, it is the most precious period of life."

Thank you all Hong Kong people for spending the most beautiful years

Join the SINO BUILDING MATERIAL GROUP family, compared to the sun and the spark

Hong Kong people run under the scorching sun and dance in the night

When faced with the failure of expanding the game again and again

The figure of regaining confidence and courage is even more touching

we believe

on the way forward

Every effort is meaningful

Every struggle will be remembered

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